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Love Pickles? You'll Love These Pickle-Flavored Snacks

Love Pickles? You'll Love These Pickle-Flavored Snacks

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Do you love dill pickles? Those crispy, crunchy pickled cucumbers bursting with briny goodness are just about impossible to dislike. If you’re a pickle lover, there are some pickle-flavored snacks on the market that you should definitely try.

Love Pickles? You'll Love These Pickle-Flavored Snacks (Slideshow)

We’re living in a golden age of foods that taste like other foods. Items that once existed only as themselves (how quaint), like pizza, tacos, bacon, ranch dressing, and loaded baked potatoes, are now flavors as well, in that other things (usually snacks) have been engineered to taste just like them. And in this era of big and bold flavors, it’s only natural that pickle has become a flavor too.

It’s actually quite easy to develop a snack that replicates the flavor of pickles. Pickling brine is essentially just water and salt, along with a handful of spices and herbs. Dill pickles are of course flavored with dill, along with a heavy dose of garlic, and even though they’re not actually made with vinegar, the end result has a very vinegary bite. So if you’re looking to transpose the flavor of a pickle into another food, all you really need to do is combine vinegar flavor with dill flavor, maybe with some garlic powder thrown in. And boom: dill pickle flavoring.

Many chip companies already have vinegar flavoring (which can range from acetic acid to actual vinegar mixed with maltodextrin) laying around for use in their salt and vinegar chips, so adding some dill flavor and other spices to the equation is actually quite easy. And as for non-chip snacks, dill pickle flavor is just so easy to replicate that we’ll most likely see pickle joining the ranks of bacon and loaded baked potato in the flavor pantheon in no time.

Bob’s Pickle Pops are essentially just frozen pickle brine with a little bit of green food coloring. They once contained actual pickle chunks, but those have been removed, and today they’re marketed as an electrolyte-heavy sports drink as well as a snack, to be enjoyed either frozen or unfrozen.

Deep River New York Spicy Dill Pickle Chips

These potato chips are made with real vinegar as well as dehydrated onion and garlic and dill extract.

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