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Clear chicken soup

Clear chicken soup

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Washed chicken, put in a pot of boiling water and leave on low heat with a lid for 1-2 hours, always collecting the foam; when it is almost ready, add the cleaned, washed vegetables and 1 tablespoon of salt.

After everything is cooked, strain it, put the chicken and potatoes on a plate, to be served as a broth with polenta and mujdei, the rest of the vegetables for those who want to make a Russian salad, and the soup is strained again by putting in strain a thick layer of cotton wool wrapped in clean gauze, taking with a polish from the soup, because otherwise it does not work.

Put the soup on the fire again, and until it starts to boil again, in a bowl prepare the composition for the dumplings; beat the eggs well with a pinch of salt, for each small egg add 3 tablespoons of semolina, mix well then put as soon as the soup boils with a teaspoon. The composition for the dumplings should not be made before if the soup does not boil because it hardens and thus the dumplings will also be hard. After the dumplings have risen to the surface, a sign that they are cooked, turn off the heat and serve with greens on top.

Chicken soup drives away your cold. See other food remedies for mild ailments!

Also to get rid of the cold, crush 5 cloves of garlic and mix the paste with 5 teaspoons of sugar. Pour a little water on top and put the pot on the fire, until it boils. Cover for five minutes, then strain the juice. Take one teaspoon several times a day.

  1. Diarrhea
    It is manifested by soft stools, more than four a day, bloating, abdominal discomfort, sometimes fever, vomiting and dehydration. Carrots and boiled rice help you in this case. Boil 500 g grated carrots for half an hour in a little water. Pass them and fill up to a liter with water. Drink instead of water.

Blueberries, ripe apples, sweet chestnuts, pigeon fruits (in the form of compote or pasta) are effective. Avoid sweets of any kind, eggs, raw vegetables and fruits, sweet milk, cheeses or fatty meat.

  1. Tonsillitis
    It is manifested by inflammation of the tonsils, redness and pain that radiates to the ears and teeth. Fever and muscle aches may also occur. Honey is ideal in treating this condition, having a proven antibacterial and calming effect. Simple or diluted in a glass of water and apple cider vinegar is the perfect remedy. Also, garlic, onion, ginger and sage are beneficial.

Also to combat tonsillitis, boil a teaspoon of radish seeds and a tablespoon of honey in half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Add water to make the vinegar taste bearable, and gargle.

  1. Constipation
    It is manifested by lack of stool for more than 48 hours, abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence. Leek is a very good laxative and also soothes abdominal discomfort. Among the fruits, dried apricots in the form of compote, cherries, sour cherries, red currants, gooseberries, apples and pears (eaten with peel) act favorably. But the best are the plums, eaten fresh (10-20 pieces, in the morning) or in the form of juice (one glass before each meal). Olive oil (20-50 ml) and wheat bran mixed with honey can be helpful.

Avoid fats, red meat, rice, white bread and bananas.

It is manifested by headache, earache, fever and can be caused by a completely uncured flu. In this case, honeycombs, honey, broccoli, yogurt, carrots, garlic, nuts, oranges, bell peppers, spinach are recommended. They stimulate the immune system. Chew a piece of honeycomb about two inches for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out. Repeat 6 times a day, at one hour intervals. The treatment is performed for a week.

You can also eat pineapple, apples, fatty fish, ginger and onions, because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. Avoid milk until it heals.

Fish meatball soup # Recipe 9

Ingredients Fish meatball soup

  • 200 g boneless fish * mackerel
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons rice for meatballs
  • 50 g of rice
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 1 pepper
  • 1 bunch of parsley and one bunch of larch
  • 2 tablespoons broth
  • borsch
  • Spices - salt, pepper, mint

Method of preparation Fish meatball soup

The vegetables are boiled and when they are almost ready, turn on the heat and add small meatballs (cooked fish dishes given through a mincer, egg, rice and parsley, salt to taste and garlic). Later put the broth and borscht. Serve with small chopped larch on top.
Good appetite!

Try this video recipe too

a country chicken, vegetables (carrots, an onion), salt to taste, a bunch of parsley,

The chicken is cleaned, washed and boiled with cold water and salt. When the foam rises, it is carefully removed. When the soup boils, add the cleaned and washed vegetables (if you prefer, add a few peppercorns). Bring to the boil slowly, over medium heat. Country chicken boils in 2 & # 8211 2.5 hours. While the soup is boiling, prepare the noodles. From the flour, make a pile with a hole in the middle in which two eggs are broken and a little salt is added. Mix well, kneading until you get a compact dough. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes. With the rolling pin, spread a thin sheet of 1-2 mm from the dough. Allow the sheet to dry for 10-15 minutes, then roll and cut into as thin strips as possible, then spread to dry. In the strained and boiling soup, put the noodles and let them boil for 12-15 minutes. The boiled bird can be served with it, its taste being very good.

Soup with dumplings and country chicken

We recommend a delicious country chicken soup with dumplings.

Ingredients Soup with dumplings and country chicken

poultry, an onion, 2 carrots, 1 parsnip, a celery, parsley, salt, pepper

1 egg, 1 tablespoon oil, about 5 tablespoons semolina, salt

Preparation Soup with dumplings and country chicken

First I boiled the chicken (in the yard) in a pressure cooker. After it boiled, I took out the meat and in the remaining juice I added the sliced ​​vegetables (not very small). I finely chopped the onion. When the vegetables boiled, I seasoned the soup and I also prepared the dumplings. They must be immediately put in hot soup, otherwise they harden.
For the dumplings, I beat the egg with salt and oil and then I started to add the semolina. Here it depends on the size of the egg how much semolina enters.
A shell must come out not very hard but also not to flow so that it can be taken with a spoon.
So, turn the heat to low, soak the spoon in the hot soup, then take the crust as far as it will go and immerse it in the soup. Try first with a single dumpling, so that it does not disintegrate, if this happens add more semolina.
The dumplings are ready 2-3 minutes after they have risen to the surface. Then turn off the heat, put the parsley and put a lid so that the dumplings continue to swell.
It's delicious.

Dumpling soup

1. The clean, washed and proportioned chicken is boiled over a low heat for 2-3 hours. The good taste of a soup, or even of a chicken borscht, is given by the slow fire, so that it does not foam and is clear.

2. After an hour of cooking, put the cleaned carrot and cut each in two, and the onion, also cleaned, cut into four and put it next to the chicken. Leave everything to boil for another hour or two.

Pumpkin cream soup Diversification recipes

3. When the meat is well cooked (check with a knife), remove the carrot and cut the slices, and then put it back in the pot. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, throw them in the pot. Later, we add the noodles / house noodles.

4. While the potatoes and noodles or noodles are boiling, we prepare the dumplings. The preparation of dumplings does not require a real art, but we must pay attention to the consistency of the composition, as well as to the small fire. If this composition is more consistent, the stronger the dumplings will be, and they will not be as soft as we would have liked. And the fire kept to a minimum, ensures that those dumplings will remain whole without breaking. Immediately after the composition is done, leave it for another 5 minutes, because the semolina will absorb from the butter and you will probably need to add another tablespoon or two of soup from the pot. Take a teaspoon, previously soaked in water, of the composition and put it in the pan. One by one, we must be careful not to have all the dumplings in the same place. Let it boil for another 10 minutes, to make sure they are well cooked.

5. At the end, add the finely chopped parsley, put the lid on the pan, turn off the heat and let the aroma of the greens penetrate.

6. Dumpling soup is ideal after a cold, being light and warm, it helps the body to recover, plus the little squirrels love dumplings!

Chicken Soup with Razalai

Chicken Soup with Razalai

Chicken soup for me was always cooked over low heat and boiled for hours because my grandmother, mother and all the "women" (older women) argued loud and clear that it does not work soup clear it by boiling over high heat. It should boil over low heat if you want it to come out clear to see the bottom of the plate. If it comes out chicken soup cloudy is great shame…

For this reason, I always cooked it on Saturdays when I had plenty of time to let it boil over low heat so as not to disturb it. They now did what I did, took my heart in my teeth and put all the necessary ingredients for chicken soup in the Expert Plus pressure cooker from Pyramis (I say all because before I first put the chicken in water, salt, let it boil, froth it and then I put the vegetables…. What else was a clearly established ritual that we never violate…) and I put it on the fire!

Sincere? I had some heartbreak… I was thinking while I was laughing, how did you get out soup? If he gets upset, how do I present myself with such a troubled zama in front of my family? I was already thinking of another option soup what to serve my family in case I fail… The 20 minutes have passed and I felt my heart go crazy… I let the steam drain and opened the lid of the pot…

Surprise . I had a in front of my eyes soup clear I could see the bottom of the pot so flour was yellow, clear…. I can now say to all those who claim that chicken soup boil over low heat as not true! You can shorten the cooking time and get one Soup flour, clear, boiled in a short time.

Ingredients Chicken Soup with Razalai :

1 piece chicken raised in the yard
5-6 pieces carrots
1 smaller celery
3 parsley roots
1 small cabbage created
1 small gulie
1 small onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon peppercorns
5-6 beans

Razalai ingredient :
1 or
5 tablespoons flour
½ teaspoon salt

Preparation of Chicken Soup with Razalai :

We slice the chicken and put it in Expert Plus pressure cooker in cold water about 5 l. Carrots, parsley, celery and gulia are cleaned, washed and cut into quarters. Remove the first layer of leaves from the onion and garlic as you go by hand, cut the end with a mustache and wash them. The created cabbage is washed. Along with the chicken, place in the pot the vegetables listed above together with the peppercorns and 1 generous tablespoon of salt. We close the miracle pot with the lid, put the safety valve in step 2 and put it on the fire. From the moment the steam starts to come out on the valve, we leave the pot on the fire for 20 minutes.

While chicken soup boil we deal with razalai. What am I razalaii . Razalaii we use them at soup instead of the faithful and we usually prepare them at home. They are easy to prepare and we don't have as much headache as other types of noodles that boil in it. soup delicious. I want to tell you that chicken soup it is highly regarded in our parts and is cooked more on holidays or Sundays. But let's not talk too much and see how we prepare razalaii

Preparation of Razalai for Chicken Soup :

In a bowl put 5 tablespoons of flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 egg. Mix until all the flour is incorporated and we obtain a homogeneous and harder dough (if the dough is soft you can add more flour, or if the whole amount of flour has not been incorporated you can add a little water.
I tell you these things because it matters a lot the size of the egg used, the type of flour used! ). The dough being made, we have no choice but to put the dough on the fine grater. Grate on a towel, clean napkin all the dough for razalai and let them dry for 20-30 minutes.
This time soup ours boiled. We open the pot lid after we have drained the steam, we take out the chicken, vegetables and season with salt if necessary and we sprinkled with a little dried green parsley (some still use Delikat for seasoning I prefer to taste the fresh vegetables and use only salt if it is still necessary).
slip soup and from the remaining meat we can prepare a delicious steak only as grandma knew how to do…. ( Grandma's Chicken Steak ).

I put salted water to boil and when it boils I add it razalaii . I strain them when they are cooked, I wash them under a stream of water then I put them in a soup bowl and pour them on top chicken soup strained. You can pour more or less soup, it depends on how thick you want it to be.

At other houses, razalaii boil directly in soup, I prefer this method of boiling them separately even if I have several dishes to wash… And now I serve you with a portion of Chicken Soup with Razalai as it is prepared in our area.
In Sweet Soup instead of raisins we can boil Cut the Squares . Good appetite .

Bone soup, the medicine in the pot

  • Improves the functioning of the small intestine
  • Maintains healthy hair and nails
  • Contribute to improving sleep quality and memory
  • boosts immune system
  • Slows down the degradation of joints and bones
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Relieves symptoms of some diseases such as anemia, diabetes, ulcers, acid reflux, gastrointestinal disorders
  • Visibly improves the appearance of the skin (anti-aging effect)

Bone soup has an extremely intense taste, it is very nutritious and you can drink it as such or you can use it as a base for other dishes such as soups, stews, stews, sauces.

To prepare it you need a pot large enough, fresh bones and some time to monitor it. Because The secret of this medicine is to boil it on a very low heat for as long as possible (up to 10-12 hours & # 8211 if you can't keep an eye on it all the time, you can boil it in stages, say in two 6-hour installments). Basically, the more it boils, the more qualities the resulting liquid will have, ie it will be richer in nutrients, minerals and collagen.

Country chicken soup

Sup & # 259 de g & # 259in & # 259 de la & # 539ar & # 259, with fluffy g & # 259lu & # 537te, the unforgettable taste, of & bdquoacas & # 259 & rdquo. A hot chicken soup is clean and healthy. When you are recovering or when you are recovering from a period of convalescence due to a more serious health situation, a supply of chicken or, especially, chicken. 259 de & # 539ar & # 259, parc & # 259 puts you on your feet, & icirc & # 539i d & # 259 power, energy.
If you eat chicken soup, it can help reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections. This is due to the fact that the movement of neutrophils is slowed down. Neutrophils are white blood cells that help prevent infection, but they also work to increase inflammation and produce mucus in your body. I am convinced that we all had moments when my mother came to our bed, and she was, with a bowl of supic, and she asked us to go to bed. It seems to take away from us the bad condition we were in.

Photo: Sup & # 259 de g & # 259in & # 259 de la & # 539ar & # 259 & ndash Arhiv & # 259 City Publishing SRL

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 g & # 259in & # 259 crescut & # 259 la & # 539ar & # 259
1 onion & # 259
2 carrots
1 r & # 259d & # 259cin & # 259 de p & # 259st & acircrnac
4 potatoes
For g & # 259lu & # 537te:
2 eggs & # 259 medium size
6 tablespoons gray & # 537
1 pinch of salt
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Wash the chicken, which has been cleaned beforehand. Put it to boil in a large pot with about 4 liters of water or to cover the passage well. & Icircndep & # 259rtezi foam that is formed & # 259. After the foam has stopped rising, add the cleaned vegetables to the pot and wash them, as well as a spoonful of salt.
Put the cooked vegetables on a plate and cook. Strain the soup and boil it again. Brush of g & # 259in & # 259 & icircl po & # 539i consume hot, in the second way, with m & # 259m & # 259ligu & # 539 & # 259 or potatoes.
For cooking, beat eggs with a pinch of salt, add the gray, mix well with the composition and rest for a few minutes, during which time. the gray swells. With a tablespoon, put the chicken in the broth over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer covered, 4-5 minutes.

Preparation 20 minutes Boil 75 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 de Lubi & # 539a Iancu, Gala & # 539i

A simple soup. The chicken.

When I was a child, a small child, smaller than me, grew up on my street. His name was Uțuți (well, that's how his people caressed him). Țuți was very nice, and like all small children, he made some interesting connections between things, which he then expressed in an even more interesting way (Țuți had an advantage over others of his age, he was Hungarian, he is now, only that he is no longer a child). Therefore, when Țuți discovered pizza, it became the & # 8222frog market & # 8221. That is, the pizza that the ninja turtles ate (I have no idea how many of you have ever watched the animated series titled like this, the idea is that the turtles devoured impressive amounts of pizza in each episode). If you're wondering what pizza has to do with my soup today, I'll tell you this: this is Grandma's soup. I mean simple soup, like my grandmothers did and like my mother does. Chicken, vegetables, noodles & # 8211 that's all you need.

I didn't take a whole chicken, there's no one to eat it. I was content with a pair of thighs. There is now some traditionally fed chicken on the market (ie it is not intensively raised). It's a little more expensive but it's worth all the money, if you ask me. Next to my thighs, two carrots, two onions, two parsley roots (I said it before, it's not right to call the parsley root, I do it for the sake of shortening the story, otherwise we will delve into the atlas of herbs on Earth), two cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of & # 8222 ten true vegetables & # 8221.

The mixture of 10 vegetables is, as the name suggests, a bunch of 10 vegetables given through the small grater, put in a jar of salt (the operation is done in autumn, when the vegetables are thicker and cheaper). I don't know the proportions, my mother promised to give me the recipe in the fall. Because there is quite a lot of salt in the mixture (oddly enough, it looks like raw Thai curries, but there are other spices), if I use & # 8222 ten vegetables & # 8221, I care how much salt I add to the food. Finally, back to my soup. As you can see, it's boiling over low heat (you can't see that, I say). I harvest the foam from it, and not because it is full of toxins, as some believe (toxins, if they existed there, could not be harvested with a spatula, I assure you) but because I want the soup to be clear.

No, and so on, about an hour. Maybe an hour and a quarter, it depends on the potty.

Homemade noodles are made by my mother. Thin God forbid (it's not easy to be a daughter-in-law in Banat). They were whole when I received them, I put the bottle of wine from my father on them and I broke them a bit. Parsley (for half a pot I used green coriander, because I like the aroma) appeared as if by magic in the freezer. It is also fresh, but I received this one, I know I will not use it in the summer.

I boiled the noodles in water with a little salt for just a minute.

After straining the soup, I put the parsley / coriander in it, I also put the noodles and & # 8230cam ready.

If you want, you can also put vegetables in the soup plate, maybe a piece of boiled meat.

I think you would like it. Stay healthy.


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