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Honey steak

Honey steak

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We started everything from a very good quality meat, essential to have a successful steak. I had a 3 kg lamb leg, I followed the steps of seasoning, marinating and preparation and the result was just right.

In the first stage, mix the sea salt with peppercorns and aromatic herbs (sage, mint, rosemary, basil), add the hot pepper flakes, mix in a mortar or a mixer with a little oil and wine about 200 ml and rub the lamb pulp with this mixture. Wrap the leg of lamb with transparent food foil to avoid contact with air and to penetrate the flavors into the meat. Leave the meat in the fridge for 24 hours (I lowered the temperature of the refrigerator to 1 degree, and placed the meat at the bottom where it is coldest).

After 24 hours, open the meat, place it in a non-metallic bowl and refresh the marinade. Add extra crushed garlic and plenty of white wine. Cover with cling film and keep the dish in the fridge for another 12 hours.

In the first phase, remove the lamb pulp and let it squeeze, fry it well on all sides in olive oil flavored with garlic and green thyme, until you get a beautiful color. Place in the preheated oven at 160 degrees for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

After this stage, the baking is stopped and the lamb is left to rest for a few hours in the cold, it can stay for a whole night. The second stage of baking is done at 140 degrees for 3 hours, turning the lamb pulp every 30 minutes - one hour and filling with white wine whenever the liquid in the pan decreases.

Let it rest for at least 15 minutes before being served, serve with a garnish as you like and with a good sauce, I also put the recipe for sauce for lamb steak // recipes / sauce-for-lamb-steak -59195.html. I wish you good work and good appetite, for sure if you test the recipe you will be delighted with the result.