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Get Ready, Chicago: Baconfest 2015 Is Coming

Get Ready, Chicago: Baconfest 2015 Is Coming

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Chicago’s bacon-centric festival aims for sold-out crowds again this year

Chicago’s bacon enthusiasts can get more than their fill of pork fat in the weeks leading up to Baconfest 2015. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Chris Yarzab/CC 4.0)

Pork-lovers rejoice: It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year when Baconfest comes to Chicago!

Now in its sixth year, Baconfest continues to draw the best restaurants and crowds of hungry fans to its two-day event. Over 170 restaurants serve creative bacon dishes over three sessions. Last year, Baconfest served to a sold-out crowd of over 5,000 people.

Attendees can look forward to dishes from Chicago favorites Carnitas Uruapan, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, and Piece, as well as last year’s winners Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, Farmhouse, and Bang Bang Pie Shop.

The festival celebrating everything bacon will be hitting the UIC Forum on April 17 and 18.Tickets are still available here.

Can’t wait for all that bacon? ACME Hotel is helping bacon enthusiasts prepare for Baconfest with events all through April, or as it will henceforth be known, “Bacon Month.”

· 2nd Annual Bacon Month Kickoff Party, March 31, ACME Hotel Company

· Berkshire Room Bacon Tastings, April 8 and April 15 at The Berkshire Room

· Bacon Themed Arts n Spirits Painting Class featuring Revolution Brewery, April 16 at ACME Hotel Company

· Kevin Bacon Movie Nights, every Tuesday in April starting April 7 at ACME Hotel Company

Bacon lovers young and old, now is your time! Don’t forget to grab your tickets!

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