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Rabbit on a bed of vegetables

Rabbit on a bed of vegetables

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Peel the vegetables (carrots, potatoes, shallots), wash the mushrooms and tomatoes and cut into strips.

Cut the carrots into rounds and slice the slices, cut the potatoes into halves or quarters (depending on their size)

The kaizer is cut into small pieces.

We prepare for each portion an aluminum foil and place on each one:

a bed of mushrooms, one of carrot slices, one of shallots, one of tomatoes, pieces of potatoes, two pieces of rabbit (I used one pulp for each portion) and the kaizer.

Add salt, pepper, herbs from Provence, a drizzle of olive oil and close the foil.

Put the wallets in the oven at 200 ° C for 40 minutes.

Good appetite !

Tagliatelle with rabbit ragout

Easter is the ideal choice for me! They are the perfect base for a healthy, delicious and satisfying meal. Whether I prepare them simple, only with butter and parmesan, with grilled vegetables or meat, they are always my favorites.
I chose to use tagliatelle from Antonio di Vaio, because they contain durum wheat, are tasty and keep their shape when boiled. In a word, real Italian pasta. Prepared according to Italian standards, they come in different shapes, ideal for all recipes!
Easter is in the top of my preferences when it comes to cooking something, because I remember Italy. I prefer their cuisine, because it is a simple one, with few ingredients, but quality.

Today I chose to prepare some tagliatelle with a rabbit sauce, to which I added a little dry white wine, mushrooms, sour cream and Dijon mustard. A delicious dinner prepared very quickly.

For 2 people :: Preparation 20 minutes :: Boil 60 minutes :: Low difficulty
& # 8211 250 g tagliatelle Antonio din Vaio
Rabbit's tail:
& # 8211 2 rabbit legs
& # 8211 2 carrots and half an onion
& # 8211 6-7 Mushroom mushrooms
& # 8211 1 small onion
& # 8211 1 tablespoon olive oil
& # 8211 1 teaspoon mustard from Dijon
& # 8211 200 ml cooking cream
& # 8211 50 ml white wine
& # 8211 green parsley
& # 8211 salt and pepper

Method of preparation: first we take care of the rabbit legs, which we boil in a sufficient amount of water, together with the carrots, half of the onion and salt. Bring to a simmer for a while 45 minutes. After this time, remove the meat from the bone.
Prepare ragu: in a little olive oil brown the finely chopped onion. Add the mushrooms, which you cut in four and let all the juice they leave reduce. Add the white wine, reduce all the sauce again. Add approx 100 ml of rabbit soup and let it reduce as well.

Meanwhile, boil and Easter.
Add liquid cream and mustard. Stir. Season with salt and pepper. At the end add fresh parsley.
Serve the ragout sauce on a bed of cooked pasta.

Wash the rabbit legs well, season them with salt, paprika, rosemary and grease them with a little oil.

We cut the onion into scales, the pepper and the leek into sticks, the carrot into larger pieces.

In a heat-resistant dish, place the chopped vegetables, sprinkle a little oil and salt, place the rabbit legs on the vegetables, sprinkle with a little wine, put a cup of water, cover with a lid and put in the oven over medium heat.

After 40 minutes, add the potatoes cut into larger pieces and put back in the oven. When the vegetables and meat are soft, add the broccoli and leave it in the oven for a few more minutes.

If you want to have a tasty and healthy meal you can choose to prepare Baked vegetables on a bed of couscous. Baked vegetable recipe, fast and tasty is very simple and easy to make and does not require fixed amounts of ingredients. In addition, the preparation stages do not require special techniques. Anyone can prepare baked vegetables!

These baked vegetables on the couscous bed can be a good idea for those who have a vegan lifestyle or for those who fast, but can also be an extraordinarily tasty garnish next to a steak.

I like these ripe vegetables with a slightly crunchy crust and a soft core, slightly caramelized even for some of them, with a very good taste.

I used for this recipe: eggplant, white potato, sweet potato, pumpkin pie, carrot, zucchini, zucchini, kapia pepper (or bell pepper) in two colors, cauliflower, white onion and red onion. If you want you can use other vegetables, depending on your tastes or what you have at home: beets, mushrooms, celery, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or asparagus.

To get the best baked vegetables There are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • 1. Use olive oil or sunflower oil so that all the vegetables are greased and do not dry out, but do not pour too much so that they sink into the oil.
  • 2. the vegetables will be cut into cubes or slices of relatively equal size, to be cooked at the same time
  • 3. during baking you must turn them to brown on both sides
  • 4. Do not cook vegetables at very low temperature. I recommend the temperature to be 200 ° -220 ° C.
  • 5. the vegetables will not be placed in layers in the tray. It would be advisable to have even small distances between them, so that the warm air envelops them from all sides. While the vegetables are cooking, they will release water from them, so if they are glued together, they will have the taste and appearance of steamed vegetables, not in the oven.
  • 6. You must take into account the cooking time for each vegetable placed in the tray. Roots need more time, while zucchini, bell peppers and asparagus need less time.
  • 7. NOT Bake the vegetables in glass jars or tall-walled jars, as they will retain moisture.

If you need directions to know how much to cook the vegetables, you can approximate the time by orienting yourself according to the times I leave below, with the mention that you can leave less for more natural vegetables or a little more for a crunchy texture and a their caramelized taste. The baking time will be different from one oven to another, depending on their strength, but also on the temperature you choose (200 or 220 ° C).

  • 1. The roots bake for about 35-45 minutes for medium to large cubes
  • 2. zucchini, zucchini, bell peppers -15-20 minutes
  • 3. Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts & # 8211 20 minutes for small bouquets of cauliflower and broccoli
  • 4. eggplant & # 8211 20-30 minutes
  • 5. onion & # 8211 40 minutes
  • 6. the mushrooms & # 8211 20-30 minutes & # 8211 they will leave a lot of liquid and will influence the texture of the other vegetables in the tray. I recommend that they be cooked first on their own (or in a pan) and added to the rest of the vegetables in the last 10 minutes of cooking, when they leave no liquid.
  • 7. asparagus & # 8211 15-20 minutes

You can sprinkle various aromatic herbs, but also spices that add flavor. Depending on the taste you can use dried oregano or thyme,

If you happen to have vegetables in your refrigerator that are likely to wither, you can avoid food waste and turn them into an appetizing dish.

Other recipes by baked vegetables prepared by me can inspire you to cook healthy and delicious:

All I can tell you is that nothing compares to a tasty portion of baked vegetables which you can accompany with a lettuce, but you can turn them into a garnish for any type of meat.

Therefore I leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare explained step by step for baked vegetables on the couscous bed, with the mention that although I put all the vegetables I used all I needed to fill the large baking tray, leaving the distance between the vegetables and taking into account that some of them will be put later.


(for 4 people & # 8211 1 large oven tray)

1 red bell pepper and one green pepper & # 8211 about half of both types of peppers

The secret of baked rabbit steak

Cute bunny ran over the imas. Do you know the kindergarten song, with the fluffy white, that delights children? Well we reinterpret it and let it run in. oven.

And we have reasons. Rabbit meat not only has the lowest cholesterol content, the lowest number of saturated fats, but also has few calories, many minerals and protein. That is, it is perhaps the healthiest meat that can be eaten by humans!

Although we no longer need to chase him in the field, until he finds his public end in a bath of aromas and heat, in the oven, the rabbit continues to pamper us beyond his immaculate image. But because it has such fine meat, it needs careful preparation before it is cooked. And here are two options. One is for the rabbit, previously portioned, to be kept in the stove for at least 12 hours. The second is to put it directly in the oven, but in both cases, be very careful: the rabbit should not be rushed! It is prepared at low temperature and necessarily covered. Otherwise, it dries!

The stew, or marinade, is as simple as possible and requires vegetables or aromatic plants that are meant to give it a taste, the rabbit being a bland meat, different from the chicken and pork of every day. In addition to wine and a little vinegar, which have the mission of softening and hydrating it, the best quality oil, garlic, rosemary, onion, salt and pepper always find a place in the bath recipe. There are rumors that sage, allspice, bay leaves and even cloves or paprika deserve attention, but the simplest recipe is also the best. That being said, every conductor makes his own orchestra.

After spending at least one night at the spa, the pieces can rest freely in the oven.

If it has not been kept in the marinade, the rabbit may end up in the tray just as well, but it needs more attention when preparing. That is, the tray must be greased with oil or even lard. The thighs, in particular, need pockets in which to put garlic and, according to taste, pieces of bacon, which melt in the oven and give fat to lean meat. It can be laid on a bed of vegetables - potatoes, sweet onions - well combined with a red wine, the strength of the bear, flavored with bad garlic and rosemary puppies.

Like at grandma's house, the tray stays in the oven for 45 minutes - an hour (depending on how big the rabbit is), over low heat and necessarily wrapped, so that the meat can be smothered in steam and flavors. After an hour, before finding his way to the tasting, he reveals himself to take on some color. The potatoes that kept them warm in the pan can accompany it, but it is optional. However, the red, reduced and well-flavored red wine sauce is not optional during the 90 hot minutes spent in the oven.

If this style of cooking seems to you to have a rustic accent, the rabbit steak can be made quickly in style haute cuisine. The pieces are sealed in a frying pan in quality oil, with rosemary and garlic, then put in the oven and sprinkle every 5 minutes with plenty of wine, so as not to dry out. The rabbit prepared in this way goes great with a puree, but also with a stewed rice and a lot of sauce. It seems simpler, but the concept of slow food lose at the expense of speed.

In conclusion, no matter what cooking option you choose, have a bottle of red wine ready. To make the steak slide easier!


  1. Wash and clean the vegetables (except the garlic) from the skins, seeds and skin. Cut the peppers into suitable strips, the carrots into four and the onion into eight
  2. In a bowl, combine honey, oil, balsamic vinegar and Mediterranean herbs.
  3. Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees (average to high temperature in gas ovens) and, in a generous pan, spread a baking sheet
  4. Put the vegetables in a larger bowl and pour the mixture over them with honey, oil and balsamic vinegar. Mix them well until they are all covered. Salt them and spread them, as much as possible, on the baking sheet.
  5. With the width of a knife, press the garlic cloves a little, without cleaning them, and add them to the tray, next to the vegetables.
  6. Put the tray in the oven for 30 minutes, keeping the temperature.
  7. Until the vegetables are cooked, prepare the polenta in the classic way. To give it a more interesting note, grate about a tablespoon of parmesan in the polenta, when ready, boiled. Mix and divide into deep plates (one plate for each person).
  8. After you have divided the polenta, prepare a sunny egg, ie an eye egg, without white powder on top, for each person. The method is very simple: Heat a frying pan over high heat. Pour about a tablespoon of oil over an egg, put the egg in the pan, cover with a lid and make a small fire. Let it cook for about 2 minutes until it thickens. When the egg is ready, salt it, pepper it and take it off the heat.
  9. Remove the vegetables from the oven, taste to see if they are seasoned enough and, if necessary, add more balsamic vinegar or salt. Divide the amount of vegetables in each plate by placing the vegetables over the polenta. Don't forget to peel the garlic before doing this.
  10. Break pieces of cheese by hand (if you use bellows cheese) or cut from telemea and sprinkle over as many vegetables as you want
  11. Place the egg on top of the vegetables and enjoy a wonder!

Addison Rae outfit from the MTV 2021 Awards

Although it is not the most extravagant outfit that has ever appeared on the red carpet of an event, Addison Rae managed to provoke a lot of discussions on social networks. She is open with her fans and often shares with them pictures she takes in brief outfits. But now she has been charged for her audacity, writes UsMagazine.

If at the bottom, the outfit was extremely good, at the top of the body, the black jacket failed to cover too much. The transparent band that Addison used as a bra is the one that created controversy. Before going to the event, Addison Rae posted pictures of her outfit on social media, as her fans used to. It's just that this time she was greeted with a series of negative messages.

See more images in the PHOTO GALLERY!

While some said she looked good and liked Addison's clothing, most criticized her for her audacity.

& # 8222Someone come and lift my jaw & # 8221, & # 8222You look so sexy & # 8221, these were just some of the messages of encouragement. The negative ones were not missing, however. Most said that her physical appearance at the 2021 MTV Awards is too much. She was extremely sexy for the audience she has on social networks.

There were people who drew her attention and told her that those who look at her are often a little over 10 years old. Many thought that the way she dressed is too sexy: & # 8222There are children in this application & # 8221, & # 8222Your target audience is 10 years old & # 8221.

Who Addison Rae is and what she does

Addison Rae went as a presenter at the MTV Awards 2021. After posing on the red carpet, she opted for a slightly better outfit. She took to the stage to award the prize for the best kiss. Then she opted for a green dress with a floral print.

Addison Rae was nominated for the Social Star category at the 202 MTV Awards. Charli D & # 8217Amelio, Jalaiah Harmon, Bretman Rock and Rickey Thompson were also nominated for the same category. In Romania, among the most popular stars on TikTok is Ramona Olaru. Find out more about her in the interview given for

Addison Rae is a singer and dancer in America. She became famous after gathering almost 80 million fans on TikTok with the videos she posts. After Charli D & # 8217Amelio, Addison Rae is the most followed person on TikTok. Forbes even published the information that she is also the man who earns the most years from this platform.

Following its success, Addison is now the image of several well-known brands. Campaigns for names in the clothing industry or for international cosmetics companies.

Maintenance and care

In general terms, the care and maintenance of rams does not differ from the usual breeds, if we consider the location or feeding of these animals.

But if you want to have an English ram, you will have to be puzzled by the cleanliness of the cage. Wet ears on the floor will constantly find dirt. The animal can also hurt your ears about something sharp as you walk around the house.

A ram with long hair or a lion's head will need careful care, because in the process of shedding, wool can be swallowed while cleaning its skin. If the wool forms a piece in the intestines, the rabbit will not live more than two days.

To prevent this, the animals receive a malt paste that dissolves the wool. And don't forget to comb them.

Rabbits with bunnies at home eat the same as other decorative pets of this species. They receive food, complying with the requirements of hay, animal feed and juicy fodder.

With good care, rams live as long as their relatives live with erect ears, ie between 6 and 12 years old.

The specific problem of sheep

Because of the hanging ears, the sheep cannot shake their heads, shake the secretions that have accumulated there. Sulfur headaches can cause otitis, so sheep need regular cleaning of their ears throughout their lives.

1. Clean the mushrooms with a clean towel from any soil residue and cut them into slices. Finely chop the onion. Put the mushrooms to harden in a hot pan with a little olive oil and after it gets colored add the onion. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of freshly ground pepper.

2. Cut the julienned pepper and cut the tomatoes into cubes. Add the peppers and tomatoes to the pan, over the onions and mushrooms and let simmer for 2 minutes.

3. Peel the garlic cloves and grate them on the vegetables in the pan. Flavor with a little oregano. Mix and form with a spoon four recesses as seen in the photo.

4. Put the eggs in the four holes and sprinkle a pinch of salt over the eggs. Next, to prepare the eggs, we have two options: either put a lid on the pan and the accumulated heat will bake the stitches or, if the handle of the pan allows us, put it in the oven for a few minutes until the stitches are done.

5. Flavor with fresh parsley or possibly with whatever greens you prefer. Thus prepared, eggs with vegetables are attractive and combat the monotony that can affect breakfast. We have also presented such combinations of eggs with vegetables or eggs with mushrooms on the site and there are no recipes nailed down. With the help of various vegetables, mushrooms, cheeses or ham, combined with eggs we can get tasty and filling dishes.

How to remove worms from a donkey,

To avoid such a terrible prospect, you need to know how to remove how to remove worms from a donkey parasites hpa standard methods in the cat, to them. Serve the steak with the vegetables. If you liked our recipe "Rabbit steak in the oven with wine" do not forget to make an adylopisofav.

These are insects, arachnids, worms and shells. Kittens do not eat worms Although milk tastes good, it is not. Passalurus Ambiguus is a small colored nematode worm. Symptoms: Rabbits show nervous system disorders: clams.

It is especially important to remove worms before each one.

The best cure is the donkey, 1. Give. You should know that I have a brother who runs 3 Albena rabbits for the Romanians who work in the Kingdom.


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