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Lemonade with rose scent

Lemonade with rose scent

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Did you know that ... a gram of rose oil is more valuable than a gram of gold, the exorbitant price being justified by the fact that its production requires about 1500 flowers, and to obtain a kilogram of rose oil is needed of about four tons of petals.
Rose water is successfully used to treat skin and throat diseases, being a remedy for constipation, drunkenness, insomnia.


Words, words, words. But not in the wind. Although light breezes play an important role in the life of this rose, taking the fragrance samples from the garden directly to the bedroom or living room if you forget the open window. About the perfume of this creation signed Kordes, it is also said that a single flower in a vase is enough to fill your house with perfume for many days in a row.

Parole has flowers very big (huge) with a strong scent and flowering very abundant. The different shades of her perfume follow one another very quickly, from the floral scent of an elegant, velvety rose to the intoxicating smell of honey. Rose lovers consider it a true miracle of nature. So do we, the Famous Roses. That's why we recommend for cut flowers in vases.

Quality 1+ (premium). The bushes are from the 2nd year, they are healthy, obtained by grafting on the strongest rootstock at present. It gives roses vigor and great resistance over time.

Our roses are delivered, depending on the season, with bare root or in pots. Delivery to you is by courier, in the best conditions. Delivery is 30 Lei anywhere in the country, regardless of quantity. For orders over 490 Lei, delivery is FREE.

All the roses we deliver are properly packaged to ensure that moisture is maintained and the roots are not damaged during transport. In addition, the package includes instructions for planting and caring for roses, which you can also find online at our site.

The roses will be delivered by courier and, depending on the destination, the transport can take 1-2 days.

After placing the order, you will be contacted by phone to schedule a delivery date together.

For bare-rooted roses, the delivery period is from October to April.

If you place an order for bare-rooted roses in December, January or February, delivery will be in the spring. You will always be contacted to agree on the most favorable delivery time.

Potted roses are delivered at any time of the year.

Exceptional quality it is something we guarantee to our customers every time they choose FAMOUS ROSES. At the same time, our clients benefit from the experience and professional advice of people who know and love roses.

But if there is, however, any dissatisfaction, we promise that everything will be resolved immediately and always in your favor. Because we know that's the only way you will recommend us with love to other gardening enthusiasts.


If a rose has been damaged during transport or does not meet the quality, let us know within 24 hours of receipt. Please keep the contents and packaging.

We guarantee for fastening
Roses are living plants and occasionally problems can occur. If on receipt of a rose it is in good quality, but does not catch, we will replace it for free. The customer will only pay for the transport by courier. Please plant and care for the roses according to our instructions.

We guarantee variety (color) and authenticity (original products)
Our roses are original products. Each rose bush is accompanied by the manufacturer's label which proves the authenticity and variety of the rose. If a rose does not conform to the variety, it will be replaced free of charge.

We guarantee exceptional quality
All our roses are premium quality products. We only ask for quality I roses from our suppliers, which we sort once again to make sure that we deliver only exceptional quality. Therefore, the bushes that reach you are well developed, without broken branches, cracked grafts or problematic roots.

This guarantee does not apply in the case of conditions independent of the quality of the roses. We refer to extreme weather conditions, incorrect application of fertilizers or chemicals to combat diseases and pests, incorrect planting or even negligence.

For example, at a frost higher than -10 ° C, in conditions where the roses are not protected, some of them will freeze. In case of floods and mud, the roots will rot, and in case of drought the roses will dry out.

The guarantee for catch and variety is valid for 6 months from the date of sending the roses.

Take care of these roses according to our instructions.

Compatible oils





Sage (St. John's wort)

Ylang Ylang




Basil ct. linalool



Basic principles for creating and maintaining an oil scent

The principle is to add a few drops of various essential oils in a base oil. The recommended carrier oils are jojoba or macadamia, because they are non-greasy and with neutral flavors. You can also successfully use rosehip, primrose or sesame oil.

Careful: even if there will be no synthetic chemicals and carcinogenic preservatives in these perfumes, however some essential oils can cause allergies in some people. Essential oils are not recommended in any form to pregnant women. Therefore, for sensitive skin, but who wants fragrance, floral waters are recommended, also obtained in the process of distilling plants, as well as essential oils, but which are much less concentrated.

The perfume obtained store in a small glass container in a dark place. Why glass container? Because the plastic ones emit certain chemicals that come in contact with the product inside, which will affect the aroma & # 8222creation & # 8221.

Rose flower water 500ml

Rose flower water is a versatile product with uses both in gastronomy and especially in cosmetics and even aromatherapy.

Familiarization with rose flower water

Rose flower water is obtained by steam distillation of rose petals. The liquid obtained is slightly colored, with a fresh and fragrant smell, which is why it is also used as a perfume for a discreet floral note on the skin.

Rose flower water has beneficial properties on the body and it is interesting that it can be used in various ways, from its use in the cosmetics industry, to its use for culinary or even therapeutic purposes.

Rose flower water is a sought-after product for hygiene and facial care, as it is a natural ingredient that provides excellent toning and invigorating for all skin types. It is also known that it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-irritant, tonic and invigorating properties, being ideal for the care of especially sensitive skin with problems such as redness, acne. For use, it should only be applied in its pure state on the face using cleansing discs or it can be sprayed on the body as a cooling spray.

It can also be added to homemade creams or body lotions. In addition to skin care, you can also prepare natural lip balm from the mixture of rose water with lightly heated honey. The same mixture can be used for hair, giving it shine and strength.

Also, the specific floral scent has a calming, calming effect, so it is also used in aromatherapy for its calming properties, helping to relax the senses, improve mood and be beneficial for a restful sleep.

Rose flower water in the kitchen

The water from the rose flowers stands out due to its sweet taste and the delicate floral aroma that it gives to the dishes. Therefore, it can be used in a variety of desserts, especially as an ingredient in the preparation of specific oriental sweets.

It can be successfully included in ice cream recipes, in puddings, cakes, pies, tarts, sorbet and muffins, being a good substitute for vanilla. You can also add a few drops of rose flower water in jams and jam, especially the assortments of strawberries, peaches and raspberries.

How to prepare donuts with acacia flowers | VIDEO included

The difference between the recipe then and now is the fact that now I used in the dough and a little baking powder to make them more aerated, otherwise the preparation is the same.

Acacia flower donuts are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are very fragrant and fragrant due to the flowers.

All their charm lies in the fact that the flowers are fried with the tail. They are easier to handle, but also to eat.

What are the biggest joys of the star

In other words, Teo Trandafir says that he has learned to enjoy the little things in life and thanks God for every morning. "It's sunny outside and my orchids are smiling in the window, when I changed my shower gel or shampoo and I can't wait to see how they are, when I have a new perfume.

And I can't wait to see how it will "come" to me or when the audiences will come and see that we are in the first place. (& # 8230) I thank God for every morning, for every moment of health, of harmony. For the achievements that I expected and for those that came "served", the presenter confessed.

3 smoothie recipes with raw wild rose pollen

One of the best ways to start your mornings with energy and well-being is to eat fresh and healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies. Adding a tablespoon of raw pollen to these drinks is an extremely welcome choice, it will increase exercise capacity and strengthen the immune system.

Raw wild rose pollen is an excellent tonic, fortifier, energizer and antianemic, its consumption is indicated to combat chronic fatigue, bringing a flow of vitality to the body.

It has a sweet floral taste & ndash sour and can be consumed as such, directly from the freezer, or can be associated with the ingredients preferred by each of you, resulting in tasty recipes that offer complex benefits to the body.

We have prepared three extremely easy recipes to make, suitable for a healthy and energizing breakfast, recipes that are suitable for both adults and children. Combine the ingredients of each recipe and mix them in a blender until smooth and a uniform, creamy paste results.

1. Raw pollen and fruit recipe

- 1 cup plain skim yogurt

- 1 cup frozen fruit (berries, blueberries)

Yogurt is a good source of calcium for the body, berries are rich in fiber and antioxidants, and bananas are high in protein, along with raw wild rose pollen giving the body a beneficial complex of nutrients. For sweetening, you can add a tablespoon of raw honey.

2. Recipe for raw pollen, honey and lemon & acircie

Honey and raw wild rose pollen restore energy reserves, giving vitality to the body, while lemon juice has a detoxifying and immune-boosting effect. This drink is also recommended for those who want to follow a diet, the combination of pollen, honey and lemon & acircie being beneficial to a weight control program.

3. Recipe for raw pollen and vegetables

Green drinks have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits, cucumber and celery being known antioxidants, while avocado contains healthy fats. Ginger adds flavor to the drink and is useful for digestion, and raw wild rose pollen gives your body extra strength and vitality.

& Enjoy your mornings with joy, energy and well-being with these simple and delicious recipes!

Lemonade & # 8211 19 refreshing recipes for the hot season

Lemonade is the home made juice that most of us grew up with. The recipe was simple: squeeze a lemon (in case you didn't have a lemon, use lemon salt or helas), add countless sugar to make it as sweet as possible and possibly some ice cubes, and if you had a colored straw, you already thought so. millionaire on a golden sand island!

As the culinary talent and interest increased, I discovered that in lemonade you can introduce vegetables and fruits, which will improve the sweet-sour liqueur, turning it into a magical potion with healing properties.

Some simple and handy recipes include: mint, cucumber, ginger, melon, raspberry and even cream or alcohol, can make a common lemonade, a delight for our taste buds.

  1. Lemonade with lemon syrup & # 8211 you need 2 lemons, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1.8 liters of water. Grate the rind of the lemons (yellow part) and boil in water with the sugar. Bring to the boil and leave to cool, then add the juice from the two lemons, including the seeds and the pulp that remain on the juicer. Leave to cool and strain before serving. Serve with a slice of lemon or orange in glazed glasses. Instead of sugar you can use honey, and over boiled lemon syrup you can pour cold mineral water and ice.
  2. Mint lemonade & # 8211 Squeeze the lemon and put it in the blender together with the water, sugar and mint leaves. Stir until the mint leaf is finely chopped and taste until it is sweet enough.
    Pour into glasses and serve immediately.
  3. Lemonade with watermelon & # 8211 is easy to prepare, you need 600 gr watermelon, 250 ml lemon juice, 250 ml mint syrup and 1L of water. The watermelon is cut into pieces and passed through a blender. The juice thus obtained is strained through a sieve, after which it is poured over the lemon juice and mint syrup and water is added. Put the lemonade in the fridge for 2-3 hours and serve it with ice and lemon slices.
  4. Grapefruit lemonade & # 8211 to get a liter of lemonade you need 2 pink grapefruit, a lemon, a sachet of vanilla sugar, honey, 500 ml of plain or mineral water. Squeeze the 2 grapefruits and half a lemon, while the other half of the lemon will be cut into thin slices or cubes depending on your preferences. We put the juice and the pieces of fruit in the lemonade bowl, we put honey on them, the vanilla sugar, we pour the water and we mix them until the sugar melts. Serve cold from the refrigerator.
  5. Strawberry lemonade & # 8211 ingredient: 2 lemons, ice, 1.5L water, honey or sugar, 600 gr strawberries. Strain the strawberries, honey or sugar, lemons cut into four and 500 ml of water.
    Strain the resulting mixture, then add the rest of the water. It can be served with ice, and as a decoration we can put pieces of strawberry, lemon slices and aromatic herbs. In case you want to amaze your guests, you can use blond beer instead of water. For a more special aroma, you can add some fresh rosemary.
  6. Peach lemonade & # 8211 is prepared in the same way as lemonade with strawberries, only we replace them with pieces of peaches. To obtain a more homogeneous paste, it is recommended to peel the peaches before passing them in a blender.
  7. Raspberry lemonade & # 8211 The preparation process is identical to that of strawberries or peaches. If it's a special evening with friends, you can add a little vodka to the glass of ice.
  8. Lemonade with cherries & # 8211 the washed and pitted cherries together with their juice are added over the water with sugar and the juice from the squeezed lemon and left overnight in the fridge. Strain before consuming. If your thirst is too great and you don't have patience until the next day, you can prepare it with cherry syrup
  9. Pineapple lemonade & # 8211 add the sliced ​​fresh pineapple to the classic lemonade, possibly you can pass the pineapple with ice in the blender.
  10. Orange lemonade & # 8211 you need: 50 gr honey, 400 ml mineral water or soda, 6 tablespoons orange juice, 2 tablespoons carrot juice, 1 egg yolk, juice of half a lemon, 2 ice cubes. Mix the honey well with the yolk, add the orange juice (if it is fresh it must be strained), the lemon juice, the carrot juice. Mix everything very well and fill with mineral water. Serve with ice cubes.
  11. Thyme lemonade & # 8211 can be prepared from lemon, cucumber, sugar and thyme.
  12. Lemonade with lime and lavender & # 8211 is made from lemon, lavender and maple syrup as a sweetener.
  13. Rose lemonade & # 8211 is obtained from the petals of roses, lemons, honey, water, ice. You can also add mint leaves, orange slices, grapefruit, kiwi, ginger. It is a strongly fragrant lemonade.
  14. Lemonade with basil & # 8211 make a regular lemonade the way you like it, and at the end add some finely chopped basil
  15. Lemonade with ginger & # 8211 all you need is mineral water, grated peel of a lemon, juice of 4 lemons, sugar, a few slices of ginger, ice and lemon for decoration.
  16. Ice cream-lemonade & # 8211 is an unusual but tasty recipe. The necessary ingredients are: 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of fruit juice or syrup, mineral water and ice. Beat the cream well with the fruit juice or syrup and add gradually, always stirring the mineral water. Serve cold.
  17. Rhubarb lemonade & # 8211 ingredients: plain water, finely chopped fresh rhubarb, 100 g brown sugar, lemon peel, a few sprigs of fresh mint, lemon juice, a dose of Sprite or 7Up. Mix water, finely chopped rhubarb, sugar, lemon peel and finely chopped mint. Bring to the boil until the sugar is completely dissolved. Allow the mixture to cool and strain into a carafe. Add the dose of Sprite or 7Up and serve with ice and fresh mint leaves.
  18. Lemonade with beets & # 8211 Prepare a classic lemonade from lemon, sugar and water, to which you add fresh red beets given through a grater. Strain before consumption.
  19. Lemonade with hot peppers & # 8211 is obtained from a hot pepper, cut into pieces, without seeds, water, sugar, lemon and a teaspoon of salt. Put the hot pepper in a cup of water and boil for 2 minutes, add the sugar and cook for another 2 minutes. The syrup is mixed with the other ingredients. Consume cold with ice cubes.

And now let's look at some healing properties of lemonade consumption:

  • moisturizes
  • stimulates metabolism and digestion
  • energizes and alkalizes the body
  • helps eliminate cellulite
  • powerful antioxidant
  • helps eliminate uric acid
  • effective in case of joint diseases, related to the deposition of salts, but also of kidney stones or gallbladder
  • help in treating laryngitis, angina and colds
  • rich source of B vitamins, vitamins C, A, E, K and are rich in minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, manganese, zinc, fluorine, phosphorus, copper
  • cleans teeth and keeps breathing clean
  • relieves thrush and stomatitis
  • helps the heart to function properly and normalize blood pressure
  • has an antibacterial effect, preventing the development of tumors
  • anticancer
  • aphrodisiac effect
  • relaxing, treats insomnia
  • helps regenerate the skin
  • Peach lemonade reduces anxiety
  • pineapple lemonade dissolves blood clots that cause thrombosis
  • cherry lemonade protects blood vessels from oxidative stress and dementia brain cells, prevents gout attacks and has anti-inflammatory effect
  • strawberry lemonade helps with anemia, kidney and circulatory disorders, fever, gout, menstrual disorders, constipation, lowers blood pressure and tones the nervous system
  • lemonade with hot peppers activates circulation, prevents heart attack and stroke
  • Ginger lemonade cuts nausea, helps with stomach cramps, bloating and indigestion

Anyway we would rather consume it, a glass of lemonade is health by the glass!

Rose lemonade

It's summer and it's wonderful, my favorite season & # 8230 so I felt the need to create something refreshing and romantic.

I love rose water, you probably already know that. Why not put it in lemonade and add flavor and color?

It is easy to make, you can use fresh or frozen rose water, as long as it comes from edible roses.

The recipe has already been tasted several times with multiple appreciations, I hope you like it too and bring coolness and flavor to the summer days.

  • 1 liter and a half of plain water
  • 3/4 cup of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon peel
  • 5 tablespoons honey
  • 5 tablespoons rose water

Add all the ingredients to the carafe and mix well until the honey dissolves. Add ice cubes and serve cold.

I froze rose petals in ice cubes for a special look.


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