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Boeuf salad

Boeuf salad

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The roots are cleaned, washed.

Wash the potatoes well, leave them in the shell.

Boil the vegetables together with the meat.

Season with bay leaves, peppercorns, salt.

After cooking the vegetables + the meat, leave it to cool and then chop it finely.

Finely chop the cucumbers, pickled donuts. Squeeze the excess liquid out of them.

Mix all ingredients, add mayonnaise and match to taste (salt, pepper).

Place the salad on a plate and decorate according to everyone's imagination.

Good appetite!

Boeuf salad

Beef salad is the salad that ennobles the festive meals of most of us. Even if its preparation requires a little more effort.

Beef salad is the salad that ennobles the festive meals of most of us. Even if its preparation requires a little more effort than other dishes, we are not lazy when it comes to a well-prepared menu.

what is generally used:

6-7 potatoes
2 carrots
5-6 sour cucumbers
2-3 tablespoons peas (canned)
1 chicken breast (or a piece of beef or pork)
4-5 tablespoons mayonnaise
salt pepper

how come:

These are the basic ingredients of the classic beef salad. If we think proportionally, the amount of boiled potatoes is approximately equal to the amount of carrots, peas and cucumbers. It depends on everyone's taste to add or subtract something.
Potatoes, carrots and meat are cleaned and boiled separately in salted water due to different cooking times. After cooling, cut each one into cubes the size of a pea.
Put in a larger bowl and mix with salt, pepper and mayonnaise to bind together. In the beef salad you can also add pitted olives, grated celery, boiled eggs, parsley, mustard. . .
When you are satisfied with the taste obtained, transfer it to a plate and level it nicely with the blade of a knife. Garnish each one as best you can after covering the salad with an extra layer of mayonnaise.
And our work will be rewarded with a beautiful plate of beef salad, Russian or American salad (as you want to call it).

The ultimate appetizer! Beef salad bowl

Published: Sunday, May 10, 2020, 12:11 p.m.

Pure Romanian appetizer, although it has a French name, bouef salad is definitely in the top of preferences. From our kitchen, certainly, in most areas of the country, beef salad occupies a place of honor on the table. Even if it seems like a simple recipe, the secret of the final taste lies in the way the housewives proportion the vegetables. And the taste of mayonnaise balanced in salt, lemon and mustard has the last addition of flavor in the final preparation.

Beef salad can be eaten and generally stored for quite some time. This is because mayonnaise is recommended to be consumed within a maximum of 48 hours after preparation. However, there is a possibility that beef salad can be stored in the refrigerator for a little longer and implicitly consumed: being prepared in the form of a terrine. This type of appetizer has a gelatin composition, which coagulates the ingredients, so that in the end you also get a delicious beef & # 8221solidâ & # 8221.

How do you prepare it?

The recipe is as simple as possible, if you already master the secrets of beef salad. You will need: 4 potatoes, 4 carrots, 2 parsnip roots. Also pickled cucumbers (to taste), pickled donuts (to taste) 100 g peas. Cut all the ingredients into small cubes, approximately equal. Separately prepare mayonnaise from 2 boiled yolks and one uncooked one. Don't forget to add lemon and a teaspoon of mustard. The only secret of the terrine is that you will need to add a tablespoon of fatty sour cream to the mayonnaise for creaminess. Separately, soak the contents of a sachet of gelatin in cold water. After 10 minutes, heat it until it becomes liquid and add it over the vegetables. Pour in the mayonnaise and mix. Season with salt and pepper to taste. All you have to do is pour everything into a cake pan and leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

As a preparation, take a pot of salted water and boil the whole beef pulp. After the meat is cooked, add the whole vegetables. If you boiled the vegetables for the first time, you can then add the meat. After the vegetables are cooked, leave to cool and cut into cubes of the same size. Then prepare the mayonnaise from two eggs, which are then left to cool until the recipe is complete. Cut the meat into cubes, but be careful that it must be the same size as the vegetables.

So, one of Florin Dumitrescu's tricks for this beef salad recipe is that each vegetable is mixed separately with mayonnaise, in which the pickles were then added, for a sour taste. Florin Dumitrescu gives another important piece of advice: vegetables and meat should be cold when mixed with mayonnaise. Otherwise, the composition will soften and spoil. Moreover, the ingredients must be boiled in salted water and combined with cold water.

CHRISTMAS RECIPES. The best beef salad


CHRISTMAS RECIPES. Beef salad is not absent from New Year's Eve on Romanian tables, each housewife has her own beef salad recipe.

Although beef salad is normally made with beef, everyone puts what he has or what he likes: chicken, turkey, pork, the salad will be just as tasty. I really like to add peas, but it's not a must unless you like it.

BOEUF SALAD. ingredients

1/2 kg parsnips
1/2 kg of beef

1 jar of cucumber vinegar

Method of preparation

Wash the vegetables and bring to a boil. In another bowl, boil the meat. After boiling, remove, leave to cool and peel.

Finely chop the vegetables, meat and cucumbers.

Add the mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and mix well by hand, then place on a plate and garnish to your liking.

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Beef salad

If it's with chicken, I wouldn't recommend saying the name of the salad, because it might bother some more modest ears. Anyway, "Stage 1" and "Stage 3" are written by an illiterate person!

Classic Romanian recipe.

Beef or chicken breast (the amount of meat should be about 40% of the total amount of salad)
3-4 large carrots
2 large parsley roots
5-6 potatoes
1 celery
1 large jar of pickles
500 g mayonnaise

After you have boiled the meat and vegetables with a little salt in the water, take them out of the water and put everything aside in a bowl.
Until they cool, cut the cucumbers into cubes and squeeze them well into the fist, then place them in a bowl. Cut the rest of the vegetables into the same size, also into cubes. At the end, pass the chicken through the mincer and then add the minced meat to the already cut vegetables.

Add salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of mustard. Set everything aside and make 500 g of mayonnaise. Put 3/4 of the mayonnaise in the salad and mix. After the whole composition has been homogenized, you can arrange everything on the plates, and with the last quarter of the remaining mayonnaise and other vegetables, decorate the salad.

Fasting Beef Salad - recipe

Beef salad is specific to the Christmas holidays, although we can prepare it at any time of the year, including fasting, when we give up meat and add a fasting mayonnaise, from boiled potatoes or fluff. This salad is filling, practical and dietary, because it does not contain eggs.

Fasting Beef Salad - recipe

• 7 potatoes
• 4 carrots
• 3 parsley or parsley roots
• 1 celery root
• 100 g of peas
• 6 pickles
• 2-3 donuts in vinegar
• 2 tablespoons of sweet mustard
• fasting mayonnaise
• optional: 100 g of corn kernels
• salt, green parsley, olives

Ingredients fasting mayonnaise

• 2 boiled potatoes
• 100 ml of oil
• 2 tablespoons of sweet mustard
• 2 tablespoons cold water
• lemon juice
• salt

Peel all the vegetables and wash well, then boil them whole in a large pot of water.

While the vegetables are boiling, prepare the mayonnaise. Boil the mashed potatoes with a fork or puree. Add the mustard, mix well, then add the oil, little by little, stirring constantly, like egg mayonnaise. Gradually add water, lemon juice and salt. Depending on how much mayonnaise you want to get out, use more or less oil.

After the vegetables have boiled well (try them with a fork), leave to cool. Cut into small cubes, including cucumbers and donuts, which are well squeezed from the juice before adding them to the salad. Put in a large bowl, add peas and corn (if using), prepared mayonnaise, mustard and salt. Mix everything (with a clean hand), and taste the salt. You can add more mustard if needed.

If you have guests or just want to decorate the bowl with fasting beef salad, keep some mayonnaise to cover the salad. Use chopped olives, donuts and green parsley for garnish.

Another option for fasting mayonnaise is the one made from puff pastry. Crush 10 puffs with a fork and then mix with 1 teaspoon of mustard and 1 pinch of salt. Add about 200 ml of oil, gradually, stirring constantly with a spoon, until a fluffy mayonnaise results.

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The most popular salads in the dietary version: 5 golden recipes! Even the "Beef" salad has the dietary option!

Salad is an indispensable food on the holiday table, being the most requested cold snack. Today the team Bucă has prepared 5 the most popular festive salads, which are indispensable for the holidays. All salads are presented in the dietary version, they are healthy, incredibly tasty, rich in nutrients and low in calories. The salads are very appetizing and will instantly disappear from the table. Prepare healthy salads for your loved ones, without mayonnaise and excess fat!

1. Salad & # 8220Parizel & # 8221


& # 8211 2-3 tablespoons canned corn

& # 8211 1 smoked meat (without skin and boned)

Method of preparation

1. Cut the cucumbers into thin strips and place in the bowl.

2. Unwrap the chicken strips and add it to the cucumbers.

3. Cut the other vegetables into small pieces and add the corn.

4. Season the salad with salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped dill, add cream and stir.

5. The tasty salad is ready.

Note: 100 g of salad contains only 75.21 kcal.

2. Layered salad in French style


& # 8211 kefir or yogurt to taste

Method of preparation

1. Grate: eggs, carrots, apples (peeled) and cheese.

2. Chop the minced garlic.

3. Finely chop the onion, scald it with boiling water, then keep it in ice water for 3 minutes and put it in a small sieve to drain the water.

4. Place the salad in layers: 1 layer & # 8211 onion, 2 layer & # 8211 apples, 3 layer & # 8211 boiled eggs, 4 layer & # 8211 carrot + garlic, 5 layer & # 8211 cheese. Repeat the layers.

5. Season the salad with kefir or yogurt to taste.

6. Refrigerate the salad for 1-1.5 hours to soak.

Note: 100 g of salad contains only 83.99 kcal.

3. Salad & # 8220Boeuf & # 8221 light


& # 8211 1 can of canned green peas (315 g)

& # 8211 1 boiled chicken breast (500 g)

& # 8211 400 g of fresh cucumbers

& # 8211 1 teaspoon mustard (10 g)

Method of preparation

1. Finely chop all the ingredients, add the green peas and mix.

3. Prepare the sauce: mix the yogurt and mustard.

4. Add the sauce to the salad, mix and add more yogurt and salt, if necessary.

Note: 100 g of salad contains only 75.38 kcal.

4. Dietary salad & # 8220Caesar & # 8221


& # 8211 100 g lettuce (I used iceberg lettuce)

& # 8211 4 quail eggs (40 g) or 1 chicken egg

& # 8211 salt and pepper mixture to taste

Ingredients for the sauce

Method of preparation

1. Wash the lettuce leaves, dry them and refrigerate them until you serve the salad.

2. Cut the chicken breast along and marinate it with salt and pepper mixture.

3. Cover the chest with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes (or overnight).

4. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

5. Boil the quail eggs and prepare the croutons: cut the bread, remove the crust and bake them on a pan greased with oil for 10-13 minutes.

6. Prepare the sauce: mix the yogurt and mustard, add the crushed garlic and salt to taste.

7. Place the marinated chicken on the oven rack, place a tray lined with foil underneath to drain the fat. Bake the chicken for up to 20 minutes.

8. Assemble the salad from the prepared leaves, sprinkle them with sauce and grate the Parmesan cheese.

9. Place the chopped chicken breast on top and sprinkle with sauce again.

10. Place the croutons and sprinkle with sauce.

11. Grate Parmesan cheese on top, decorate the salad with cherry tomatoes and quail eggs.

12. Serve the salad immediately.

Note: 100 g of salad contains only 100.72 kcal.

5. Salad & # 8220Mercur & # 8221


& # 8211 300-400 g of boiled chicken

& # 8211 Low fat cream

Method of preparation

1. Scald the prunes and cut them.

2. Cut the chicken or cut it into strips.

3. Fry the onions and mushrooms.

4. Put all the ingredients in the following order: prunes, chicken, onion with mushrooms, grated eggs, grated cucumber.

5. Grease each layer with cream, except for the layer of onion with mushrooms. It is desirable to salt each layer a little.

Note: 100 g of salad contains only 117.76 kcal.

Keto beef salad

This year marks 4 years since I changed my eating style. But only now, on New Year's Eve, did I get to do it for the first time keto beef salad. Even if I didn't put potatoes and carrots, the result was absolutely delicious. I replaced the potatoes with cauliflower, and I omitted the carrots altogether. I preferred to use frozen peas because I couldn't find them canned without added sugar. On this occasion, I discovered that frozen green peas have a reasonable content of carbohydrates, and can be used in low-carb diets, especially in combination with other vegetables.
How do you make keto beef salad? Are you trying mine too?

  • 400 g beef (brine or leg)
  • 200 g cauliflower
  • 100 g frozen green peas
  • 100 g donuts in sugar-free vinegar
  • 100 g pickles
  • 1 small onion
  • mayonnaise (1 serving of quick mayonnaise)

The beef is boiled until it is penetrated (in the pressure cooker it took me 30 minutes).

Cut the cauliflower into small pieces, a little larger than peas. Together with the peas, it is boiled in a steam sieve for about 10 minutes. Leave to cool.

Chilled meat and pickles are cut into cubes. Add cauliflower, peas and finely chopped onion. Put mayonnaise, the amount will depend on the desired consistency. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Let stand 1-3 hours before serving.

Garnish (or not) and serve.

TOTAL: 1200 grams, 2341.4 calories, 111.2 protein, 197 lipids, 33.4 carbohydrates, 16.8 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you make your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

Boeuf salad. Classic, Romanian recipe, step by step

The meat is boiled in cold water. When it starts to boil, clean it of foam. Leave it to boil for an hour and a half (or two, depending on how hard the meat is boiling), then add the vegetables. Boil the potatoes separately in salted water, and the peas, if preserved, are added in the last 5, 10 minutes of cooking. Vegetables (carrots, peas) and meat are removed from the soup and drained. Leave the potatoes to cool and peel.

Then all the vegetables are cut into cubes of about 0.5 cm and placed in a large bowl. The cucumbers are squeezed well from the juice and only then are added over the other ingredients. The rest of the remaining vegetables, less boiled onions can be used for a vegetable puree.

From the 3 egg yolks, oil, lemon, salt and white pepper, a mayonnaise is prepared with the help of a blender or food processor. Then mix with the ingredients and leave to cool until the next day, when it can be garnished and served.